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Leading the Mother Revolution

No more martyrdom and counting down the hours until the end of the day...
Mums, it's time to do things differently....

Lokah Lab is here for you with Life Lab

Your flexible online self-care workshop, 1 hour a week for four weeks

Are your ready for:

More control over life's big and small challenges
The ability to respond rather than react
A solid foundation from which to grow confidence, clarity and calm
Less self judgement and fatigue and more comfort and vitality in your body
Reignited sensuality, creativity and femininity
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What is Lokah Lab?

Being a mum today is harder than it ever was.
Women born of our generation have had seemingly the same experiences as men: education, travel, a social life, careers —we had an identity as an independent, maybe even quite interesting woman.
And then, we have kids and it's like hitting a brick wall.
That's why we're here.
To help bridge the gap between woman and mother. To help you reclaim what you gave away and come back to YOU. To help you find the confidence to live your purpose and feel happy and whole and free.
We will support you in making your life your lab! In becoming the most creative, nurturing woman, shining your light, living with joy and impacting the world while raising your children to do the same.
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Learn the power of the pause. With the awareness found in just a tiny pause, you can choose to respond calmly to situations rather than reactively.
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All busy, modern mums need to bring awareness to nutritional ways of managing stress + promoting healthy digestion; because good health starts in the gut.
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Discover somatic practices to release trapped energy, soften pain, dissolve tension + tightness + get high on your own endorphins!

1-2-1 coaching for modern mums

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Your personalised programme


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