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The women + passion 
behind Lokah Lab

What is Lokah Lab?

We think it's fun to say, but there's meaning behind the alliteration! Lokah is the first word in our favourite mantra:


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
In its simplest terms it means:

May all beings everywhere be free & happy

Which is exactly what we want for mums & their families!

Lokah means 'universe' or 'realm', & a lab, of course, is where you alchemise, transform, make things happen: Lokah Lab therefore helps you to recreate your universe, your reality after becoming a mum. It unites the secular Eastern & Western messages that influence our teachings as yoga & mindfulness teachers.


Hi, I'm Rachel

After healing myself through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome + the mental health issues that came with/fueled an eating disorder I, along with Amanda, am testament to the efficacy of mindfulness, meditation, communication, inner work & honesty. If we can reclaim ourselves, you can too — + we're here to guide you the whole way.

I now combine meditation practices, yoga, yoga psychology + reiki healing to give busy mums a blueprint for managing their stress + finding their way back to themselves. I'm also a ghost + copy writer in the wellness industry.

Instagram: @rachelbednarski_

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Hi, I'm Amanda

I started my own journey in 2017, flipping my life on its head: getting sober, a divorce + establishing a solid co-parenting relationship with my children’s father, + then starting a new relationship, but this time with a woman.


I don’t expect everyone to have the same journey on their life investigation, but I do expect everyone to believe in + show up for themselves, + find a community to support their wellbeing. It can’t be done alone.  


As a clinician, I use evidence-based wellbeing protocols, such as nutrition, mindfulness + yoga to support healthy living & emotional health. My private practice includes nutrition & lifestyle work, supporting my clients with health, stress, anxiety, addiction + purpose. When working with children, I support them nutritionally, emotionally + mentally. I also work in the school system as a Wellbeing Consultant, teaching yoga, mindfulness + nutrition to children + staff.

Instagram: @amandaashyboyd

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