1-1 Coaching Immersion

Get ready to finally come
Back to YOU!

Our 6 week Back to You programme is designed specifically for busy modern mums who are ready to 

release all of the stories and conditionings that tell us we must lose ourselves in order to be a good mother. 

Whatever it is that has made you feel disconnected from your truth, your spirit, spontaneity, health, mind, body, dreams or desires...
We are here to guide you back to YOU.
A YOU that you’ve maybe known before or maybe it’s a YOU that you’ve only longed to be. Whichever version of YOU you’re ready to start showing up as, we are honoured to support you on this journey. 

It's time to come back to you

What if we told you there is a way you can feel happier, more creative, more body confident, more and supported? That there's a way to gain more clarity and stability in your everyday life so you can finally feel more like you again?

You can do this, from the comfort of your own home; all you need is you.


We know, you're a time poor mum. But we can all find a couple of hours a week to invest in ourselves. It sounds like a dream, out of reach, the stuff of fantasy.


But here’s the thing: it takes just one thing to make this your reality:

Coming back to yourself.

Because when you come back to you, everyone benefits.

Meet Your Coaches

I'm Amanda

As a co-parenting mother, holistic family Nutritionist, Mindfulness Coach and recovered addict, who has been through the journey of coming back to myself,  the whole me, not just the mum, I can meet you exactly where you are, wherever you are.

Rachel & Amanda (54 of 64).jpg

I'm Rachel

I'm a yoga and meditation teacher, reiki healer, gym instructor and writer for experts in the wellness industry, and your personal coach! Let's get you started on the greatest journey you'll ever take: the journey back to you.

As a mum, it seems counterintuitive to take care of yourself.


But when we tend to ourselves first, we show up clearer, more connected, and happier in our everyday responses towards our loved ones. So because you're the heart of the home, everybody thrives.


If you knew what was on the other side of self-care and getting to know yourself, you would allow yourself this time to come back to you.

NOW is the time to give yourself permission to experience the true reward of self-care and self-compassion. 
Humans are uncomfortable with change, so it's easy to talk yourself out of being still and slow enough to get back to you.

Allow us to guide you through the uncomfortable parts and out into the light on the other side.

Unsure? Book your free Breakthrough Call with Amanda and Rachel to ask your questions and find out how you can reach your goals.

“We have to get back into our own bodies and figure out what the hell we want to do. And then the next step is doing it without explaining ourselves.”

- Glennon Doyle

What you get

 More control over life's small and big challenges

The ability to respond rather than react 

A solid foundation from which to grow confidence, clarity and calm

Less self judgement and fatigue and more comfort and vitality in your body

Reignited sensuality, creativity and femininity

Awareness of your emotional triggers and the tools to notice, express, and clear them rather than suppress them

Newfound purpose and self-worth in your everyday life

The resources and motivation to continue your new lifestyle independently into the future

A team, a support network, personal connection with two women who SEE you, HEAR you and will help you rise to your best self, as woman, mother and partner

Is Coaching for you?

Coaching is for you if:

Coaching isn't for you if:

  • You’re realising your same choices are no longer serving you

  • You want a lifestyle change but don’t know how or if it’s possible 

  • The voice inside of you is telling you there’s more to you and more to life

  • You want to work alongside women who believe in you and have made the journey that you want to take for yourself

  • You know that now is your time to step out into your full expression as a mother, partner and as your own woman

  • You’ve realised that being the ‘strong’ martyr, and the one who does it all, doesn’t serve anyone, especially not you

  • You feel happy with life as it is

  • You’re confident in your body

  • Your relationships are conscious and connected 

  • You feel heard and understood by your partner and children

  • You're honouring the woman you are outside of the domestic environment

  • You feel confident asking for what you want and need

If coaching is for you, be one of the few who made the change: