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The Mother Revolution Group Experience
A unique 6 week breathwork and envisioning experience for mums who feel the call to reconnect with joy, relax into euphoric states, and refind the magic that is always alive under the mundane.

You are so powerful as a woman and mother  NOW is the time to not only remember that power but claim it as your birthright!

And this reclamation it involves tuning in,
rather than tuning out.



The immersive breathwork and envisioning experience for the mothers who are ready to break through monotony, clear deeply engrained emotional blocks and triggers that keep you feeling stuck, and remember that there is so much MORE TO LIFE!

Image by Mohamed Nohassi

This is your invitation to join us on a journey (without leaving your front room!)

Through the highs and depths of some much-needed euphoric states to rediscover who you are in your heart, build trust in yourself, and to feel confident and calm as you navigate parenthood and womanhood in this overwhelming modern world.


You have permission to switch off, lie down, surrender to a new experience and FEEL ALIVE!


For Euphoria,

the group breathwork and envisioning immersion for mums who are ready for the revolution!

Beginning 13th March, 2022

If you:

Don't recognise yourself from the calm, creative, spontaneous woman you used to be.

Need to make a U-turn and find something different, fun, and exciting to do on Sunday nights!​

Want to ditch the self-destructive thoughts that keep you from living life as YOU.

Know that your comfort zone has become just a little TOO comfortable...


Are ready to unlock the magic that’s always in the mundane, reconnect with your intuitive spirit and fully embrace everything you're capable of...

It's time to tap into Euphoria...


Inside Euphoria, you will discover:

How to notice the things you're doing that don't serve you, and take the steps to change them.

How to shed all of the limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and overwhelming emotions that are keeping you disconnected from yourself and frustrated with the monotony of life.

How to reconnect with your body to feel calm, relaxed, and confident WHENEVER YOU CHOOSE TO!

How to access joy and blissful feelings of being alive, even when the outside world is stressful.

How to create and take action on the future you dream of for yourself and your family.

How to find daily moments of magic in the monotony that keep you feeling alive, energised and feeling like YOU!

A rediscovering of yourself,  new trust in who you are, and renewed confidence and calm to navigate parenthood and womanhood in the modern world.

The result?

Euphoria is based on our unique Back to You Method:


1. Connect with Your BODY

Feeling euphoric is no good unless you are able to ground yourself and bring everything you discover about yourself into your everyday life, where your family and you truly benefit. Present moment grounding happens through connecting with your body. And it's from here that you can take ACTION on the life you want!

2. Use Your BREATH

Your breath is the bridge between your mind and body, conscious and subconscious, thinking and feeling. 


“For me, ‘Dog Days’ symbolizes apocalyptic euphoria, chaotic freedom and running really, really fast with your eyes closed.”

                                             ~ Florence Welch

Image by Miguel Bruna


ie. Direct your ENERGY into what you WANT rather than what you DON'T WANT

Meet Your Guides

Hi, we're Amanda & Rachel, here to guide you to levels of relaxation & euphoria you've never experienced before!

We get it; it’s so easy to stay stuck in behaviours that don’t serve you and ways of doing things that are actually holding you back from living the life you want for yourself and your family.


Sometimes you’re using a solution that is actually the problem. 


Amanda spent decades using alcohol as a solution when all it was doing was allowing her to escape the hard moments that she couldn’t face in the moment, but was never going to be able to ignore forever.


She would allow herself to be pushed and pushed until she would break and react towards her kids that was unkind, leaving her stewing in guilt and shame for days afterwards. 


Rachel’s thing was exercise: overexercising to tune out of her body rather than in, to distract her mind from the fact she wasn’t living in alignment with the life she wanted and couldn’t get herself to take action on her dreams.


So honestly, we get it.


But there’s a way to do things differently, and we're inviting you to come explore it with us!

Rachel & Amanda (54 of 64).jpg

"Your body will quickly feel vibrant, open and active. I had no expectations as I am breathing every day (i thought..) I had no idea that a breathing session is so powerful.

The experience was truly amazing. totally unexpected to me. well I did not have any expectation really from "just" breathing!

I felt like I can manifest anything I want.


Conny Ziegler

"Amanda has a mesmerisingly paced and commanding voice that relaxes, informs about many things and her spirit is profoundly grounding.


Rachel is a unique force of nature. What a woman. I have never given myself to a true breathe work session, despite teaching it lightly as a Physiotherapist.


How do I describe this experience?! A Spiritual Breathing orgasm of release I think would just about cover it. I can be cynical about whether these ‘techniques’ will work on me.


I gave myself to it and had a profoundly personal, emotional and physical experience. I am so honoured and grateful to have been able to experience and most importantly release pent up emotion that was clearly deeply and subconsciously stored deep in my body.

Lucy, Physiotherapist

"Amanda and Rachel are both hugely knowledgable, insightful, and supportive."

Jo Bradley

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
What you get when you join Euphoria

A Weekly Sanctuary to Yourself

Settle In, Get Cosy, and Immerse in the Energy of Group Euphoria for 75 minutes each week.

Live Opening Ceremony

A 90 minute ceremony to gain crystal clear clarity on your vision and set your intentions for the breathwork sessions and goals for LIFE!

4x 75 minute Live Breathwork and Envisioning Sessions

Your new Sunday night ritual! Lie back, get cosy, and be guided through immersive experiences that will remind you how it feels to be ALIVE!

Live Closing Integration Session

A 60 minute ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate the transformation and healing and share amongst a community of women who are all taking the same steps as you.

Online Community

A private space for you to share your experiences and ask questions while you integrate your discoveries.

PLUS! Get access to 6 week recorded yin yoga workshop, This Is Rest for FREE, to practice in your own time. 

All for just £330

or £288 if you're a member of the LAB

EUPHORIA begins on 13th March, 2022


Get ready for a journey like no other...

It's time to step out of the monotony

and remember who you are,

that it IS possible to feel clear, confident, and excited about life,

And tune back in to what makes you feel ALIVE!

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