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Life Lab

Discover how much change you can create in just 1 hour per week

online empowerment workshop

1 hour a week for 4 weeks

Mums across the UK are uncovering the

essential benefits of self care

Join us and be one of them!

Learn how to make simple changes to feel less stress,

less guilt & more connection to the incredible

woman inside you

Life Lab is designed specifically for the busy modern mum and includes 
4 virtual sessions grounded in evidence based mindfulness, meditation, nutrition and movement.
Specifically created to empower you as a mother, connect you with the wellbeing tools you need to find calm in the family home and make life exciting as a modern woman.


Don't underestimate the power of the ripple effect.


It starts with you.

Join Amanda & Rachel on this 4 week retreat back to you & discover:

  • ​How to react less & respond with more meaning in all relationships, especially with your partner & child(ren)


  • How to find headspace & mental stability


  • How to overcome uncertainty


  • How to cultivate unity, compassion, & awareness to feel better in daily life


  • How to manage & improve your mental health, increase your energy & sleep better


  • How to identify your fears & how to come from a place of clarity instead

We create a loving, safe and non judgemental space for you to make your life your lab:

rediscover yourself & step into the empowered woman & leader you are.


What you get:

A rare investment in & commitment to yourself

  • 4 pre-recorded Zoom gatherings to watch in your own time

  • 1 exclusive special guest interview with TV Nutritionist Dale Pinnock to your inbox

  • Welcome pack


Starting January 2021

We've kept Life Lab as simple as possible so you can enjoy maximum reward for minimal time & energy input!


For just 1 payment of


Book with a friend before

31th December and get

20% off the second booking!

It starts with YOU.


Join the 4 week Life Lab & find out what you can create with just 1 hour a week!

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