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Mums across the world are finally taking self care OFF their to-do lists

and handing it over to the LAB!

the LAB by Lokah Lab monthly membership takes care of your self care practices and schedules in your essential Me-Time for you so you can focus on feeling like YOU again.

the LAB is a nourishing, inspiring, supportive space especially for YOU:
The woman who knows she's more than a mother.
The woman ready to reignite her inner spark.
For the woman who wants to thrive not just survive.
The woman ready to connect with her multidimensional self.
The woman who knows she needs self care (but can never make it stick)
The woman who just. needs. to take. a breath.
The woman who knows she's a mirror for little people.
The woman who doesn't want to do it alone any more.
For you, the woman ready to feel like herself again.


'We cannot afford to do it all alone any longer, we have to form communities of support now'

- Dene Logan


There are two things we hear consistently from so many mothers: 

  1. How difficult it is to remember self care practices and maintain them.

  2. How much they miss the woman they were before becoming a mother


We created the LAB so we can take care of your self-care ‘me-time’ for you. We provide the practices, schedule, the 'how' and the 'why' and your community of accountability buddies.


All you need to do is show up! 


The LAB is not about taking deep breaths and meditating cross-legged.


This is a place to grow and learn together. 

A place to explore yourself outside of motherhood and experience new things, ideas, and soultions with a community of women who get you.

This is your space to finally find your fire, to emerge from merely surviving and remember that you're an incredible, multifaceted woman, and you're alive




  • Your essential monthly Me-Time scheduled in: a live 90 minute tune-in every single month. This is your monthly intention setting space, and your place to be heard, to share, to be supported, or just to listen and feel less alone.

  • Brand new nutrition, movement, mindful moments and meditation practices every single month from Lokah Lab and special guest experts (live and pre-recorded)

  • A fresh new theme to explore every single month so you can get to know yourself and your roles as a mother and an empowered woman

  • Journal prompts, playlists and podcasts for further exploration

  • Accountability and support from a community of like minded woman on a journey like yours

  • Connection to yourself and others to help you reignite your inner spark!


Plus SO much more...

Doors to the LAB close 1st of May!

and they won't be opening again until October

Are you ready not just to come back to the woman you were, but to discover the wiser, sparkier, more creative, divine woman you are NOW?


Are you ready to have your self care taken care of?


Are you ready to make life a little more about YOU for once?


Join us inside the LAB and discover that you can make self care stick, Me-Time is essential, you don't have to do it alone, you are multifaceted, more than just 'mum', and that life really can be exciting again!